Pittsburgh United Friends!!

A place for people affected by HSV or HPV,

to support and socialize.

Support through socialization!!!


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those in need


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For more than 15 years, Pittsburgh United Friends!! (formerly Pittsburgh H2O) has devoted its time and energy to help educate, support and communicate the importance of accepting our common condition. Accepting yourself is the most important part of living with HSV or HPV and that's what we'll help you do. Our condition does not take a resume and you are not alone!!

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Out Reach

Work with members in our community and make a difference

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

We are in the process of working toward maximum outreach in the Pittsburgh area by working with administrators of Planned Parenthood clinics and college clinics, we would like for our information to be provided to all individuals in need.

Locally, and regionally, Pittsburgh United Friends, is a vocal advocate for people of all ages, nationalities, religious and political beliefs that are suffering from HSV or HPV.

We currently provide support and organize through "secret" Facebook groups, Meetup & Yahoo. If you'd like to join us, please send an email to pghunitedfriends@gmail.com

Help us, help you!!

If I've said it once, I've said it a 1,000 times; HSV & HPV don't look at your resume, but we will. :) This community works because of people that give their time and talent to special initiatives coordinated through our administrators. The best way to start helping is to join the group, don't be shy, post and comment in our private forum frequently and most importantly, attend events!!!

Find your inner power by helping others

Meet Our Team

Wit Thomas

​Group founder providing organizational structure, event planning, tech support & design wizkid.

Informative links

Terri Lynn

Yahoo group administrator. Support event coordinator.

Tina Matthews

Licensed Nurse Practitioner & director of community outreach.

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